Our History

Nuthurst means ‘nut wood’ and was one of the earliest places mentioned in the records of Warwickshire.

The first house on the site of Nuthurst Grange was started in 1882 by Mr William Dugard of Lapworth and the first tenant was a Mr Deeley who died just a year after moving in.

Kingswood Suite

At the time the building was known as Nuthurst Lodge and didn't become Nuthurst Grange until 1896 when Mr John W Matthews became the tenant.

Mr Frank Pyle took up the tenancy two years later and, in 1904 Mr Harry Gilman bought the tenancy from William Dugard and lived there until his death in 1934.

The Grange was then owned for just three years by Mr C.J. Newey before being bought by Conservative MP for West Birmingham Mr Walter F. Higgs who extended the land owned by Nuthurst Grange so he could indulge his hobby of farming.

Wedding Car
Wedding Couple

In the  early 1960s the property was bought by Mr and Mrs Rex Hardy and was managed by Mrs Hardy's sister, Miss Pool, who bred prize-winning Hereford cattle at Nuthurst. With the arrival of the M40 the Hardy family gave up farming.

Nuthurst Grange became a small, country house hotel. Under the ownership of David and Darryl Randolph the building was enlarged by duplicating the front facade to add the present dining room and conference rooms as well extra bedrooms.

Current Day Nuthurst Grange - 2017

Improvement work has continued under the present owner Paul Hopwood, who bought Nuthurst Grange in September 2006. More bedrooms, a new cocktail bar as well as a complete refurbishment have all taken place under Paul’s watchful and enthusiastic eye.

Front & Back TerraceFront & Back Terraced Garden - 2008
The hotel overlooks rolling green fields as far as the eye can see. During the summer the outdoor seating area is bathed in glorious sunshine and is the ideal place to enjoy drinks and afternoon tea.

The OrangeryThe Orangery - 2010
The Nuthurst Grange Orangery offers an unforgettable dining experience. Superb food beautifully prepared and presented in impressive yet intimate dining room.

The Stables BarnStable Barn - 2011
The Stable Barn now plays host to weddings and blessings and cemented Nuthurst Grange as one the most desirable and popular wedding venues in Warwickshire.

The Bridal SuiteBridal Suite - 2014
The Bridal Suite benefit from additional features such as a walk-in shower, large freestanding bath, king size bed and private balcony overlooking the rolling countryside.

The Packwood SuitePackwood Suite - 2016